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Seed Mix with Avocado

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Official metabolic balance recipes spicing up your diet

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    Seltzer Hummus

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    Chickpea Recipe: 1 lemon (if it is one of your fruits: counts as your fruit with that meal) canned chickpeas, drain and rise (protein portion) 2 TBSP olive oil* ...

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    Italian Veal Meatballs

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    … topped with sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and onions ground veal (protein portion) 1 slice Wasa, ground pinch of oregano, basil, sea salt, and pepper to taste metabolic balance® ...

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    Rouladen (Rolled Stuffed Beef)

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    “Rolled thin sliced beef with vegetables” thin sliced beef, sandwich style (protein portion) chopped dill pickles chopped carrots chopped onions spices to taste balsamic vinegar * Substitute vegetable ...

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    Dairy: To Go …

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    cottage cheese, mozzarella or quark (protein portion) metabolic balance® Recipe

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The Nutritional Concept

metabolic balance® is a science-based integrated nutritional approach that is based on intensive coaching support alongside your individual nutrition plan. The clear and simply constructed plan will show:

  • which foods should be eaten and which should be avoided
  • in what quantities foods should be eaten
  • in which combination foods should be eaten
  • when and how these foods should be eaten
  • how the 4 phases will become a new way of life

Each plan is unique and exists only once because it is created using your unique blood labs, personal measurements and health profile. With this information metabolic balance® can provide a plan that is tailored to your exact needs and can even include information regarding individual preferences and dislikes, allergies, illnesses and medications. This offers a great opportunity to the growing number of people, who are already following a restricted diet – but also, for those who simply value their health.

The Purpose of this Page

In more than 10 years the idea of metabolic balance® has spread internationally and coaches in more than 30 countries worldwide have accompanied more than 800.000 clients through their all-natural personalized nutrition plan. During this time committed coaches and satisfied clients have created a multitude of recipes. However, very often – they are not appropriate for Phase 2 – The Strict Conversion Phase – and new clients get confused.

Therefore we have decided to establish an official online source for metabolic balance® recipes. Those recipes are either created by our team of specialist, nutritionists and chefs or are recipes that were submitted by engaged coaches and participants and reviewed for correctness.
If you have any recipes that you think would enrich the site and its variety, please submit it here. After reviewing we will add your recipe as well and we will cite your name, status and nationality, if you wish.

All recipes are appropriate for Phase 2. We will explain in regular blog posts how to variate in order to make them appropriate for Phase 3, for Phase 4, for your family members etc. And we wish you lots of success in managing your weigth permanently and improving your quality of life !


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Seed Mix with Avocado

1 portion pumpkin seeds + 1 portion sunflower seeds 80g of avocado other vegetables off your food list more

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