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Italian Veal Meatballs

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… topped with sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and onions ground veal (protein portion) 1 slice Wasa, ...

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Dairy: To Go …

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cottage cheese, mozzarella or quark (protein portion) metabolic balance® Recipe

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Fava Bean Spread

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Fava Beans (protein portion) ¾ tsp olive oil* 2 TBSP onion or shallots, chopped ⅛ ...

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Spinach Chicken

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( By: Taranjeet Kaur) Phase 2 recipe - without oil

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Reasons to Eat Rye Bread

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Research has shown that out of the different bread types tested, sourdough bread demonstrated the lowest glucose and insulin responses after eating a meal. Rye bread keeps you satiated longer than wheat. Rye bread may reduce inflamation in people with Metabolic Syndrome. Rye bread evokes a different metabolic profile than... more

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